Rehab Day 1 – Confessions of a #MJSmoker #smokedawg

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year!

Today I have to report that I have not smoked any marijuana, which is a personal first for me in the last 15 months. Over the past year and a half, I have habitually smoked marijuana every day, and today is my first day going without.

I plan on going without smoking MJ for a little while, and see how my life changes as a result. I couldn’t really find any negative impacts of smoking MJ, and feel that some time off the green may give me better highs should I choose to start smoking again in the future!

Alternatively, I recently purchased my first Vape Pen and have started smoking some of the E Juice formulas available over the counter, and don’t mind the fruity style of these smokes, however, its not really the high or sensation I am looking for and will likely just continue to move away from the smoking domain.

I am also at a change point in my life, where I am living back at the shack and in the dead of winter, with a foot of snow coming in just over the last week. I attempted to shovel the pond and make a skating rink, but the snow has got the best of me, and covered all the ice I had cleared. I plan on doing move shovelling in the future tho.

For now, most of the time has been spent getting my new power-unit Champion 4000 / 3000 Generator going, and it sure is a gas-guzzler! So that is one area that is eating up the costs, but it is still cheaper than paying rent, and I hope to increase my blogging amap as the days gets longer and my power supply improves.

Other than that, most of the time is spent gathering wood to feed the fire to stay warm, and had my first encounter with some deer running around the place last night, and the presence of the birds at the feeder is nice to experience, making for some moments of relaxation.

Wishing everyone the best, and I hope to have some new plans coming soon!!

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