Robert’s record of incredible support

Go Truduea Go!

We’re always thinking of ways to give back and say thank you for everything that you do


Robert, dedicated Liberal supporters like you are the foundation of our movement. We’re always thinking of ways to give back and say thank you for everything that you do to support Justin Trudeau and our positive plan to build a better future for all Canadians.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce our new Team Trudeau Contribution Badges! They’re a new way to showcase and keep track of the inspiring ways that you contribute to this movement’s success. How many have you collected?

Robert’s Team Trudeau Badge Collection:

Thanks for signing up to be a Liberal supporter!
Take action online by completing a survey, or adding your name
Join the movement by registering as a Liberal at
Become a Team Trudeau volunteer at
Become a Victory Fund donor by signing up for a monthly donation at
Become one of the 2019 for 2019 in August 2017 at
Donated in 2016 -- Thank you!
Make a donation of any amount in 2017

Ready to earn your next badge?

Get your 2019 for 2019 Badge!Chip in today and join the thousands of Canadians who have said they’re in for 2019, by becoming one of the 2,019 for 2019.

The Liberal movement is strong because Canadians from all across the country step up and chip in what they can, when they can. Please give any amount that works for you, and join the 927 Canadians who are already part of it:

Earn my badge:
Give $50 ➜

Or give another amount:

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