Memories of mexico

Some of the fun things I did in mexico:

Mayan ruins – tulum, chichen itza.

The villa arqueologicas was a great experience, and with the neighbourhood Maya land was awesome

Golf Pok Ta Pok – Nice 18 hole course in Cancun

Snorkel Cozumel

Shopped – Got a fake rolex

Paid expensive rents – usually double renting because of boredom and poor locations.

So after much time, I am coming back to Canada to start a new job (hopefully), and continuing to work on my projects.

Did some fishing in the lagoon.

Bought a nice bike and did tons of biking on cozumel, which is a biking island.

In retrospect, I should have done my vacationing first, then moved to cozumel, but it was still fun.

Other countries include:

Chile boat tour, wine tasting, And national day party. Also bought my skateboard here.

Colombia: did a few trips here. Highlights include the beach and snorkel, with good day trips, and solid night life.

Peru: probably the least developed of my visits, it has great potential for future development.

Mexico: first time in Mexico on the Caribbean side, and enjoyed the pasty sand and coral on the shores. The coral and shells were fun to collect and watch.

Other than that, had an awesome time.

Things I missed:

The forest – even though the jungle was nice.

Did not like getting bit by bugs!!

Had fun doing lots of other things also, but now to make some new plans.

Thanks to all my new friends and beautiful countries for having me.

Also got to watch the star wars the last Jedi 1 day before everyone in Canada, so that was fun.

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