2019 Rehab Schedule

Thanks to everyone for all the support during my recovery.

Just want to make some notes about my recent treatment.

Nov. 10 -22 Athabasca
Nov. 22 – Dec. 05 Ponoka,
Dec. 5 – Dec. 17 Athabasca

Got discharged on the 17th and trying to play catch up with life.

Other than that, living in my newish apartment and got a christmas tree, and very thankful for my mom supporting me while I get back on my feet.

Havent drank alcohol or smoked any MJ since Nov. 10, and staying strong on my rehab program.

I would like to say I’ve kicked my addictions, but know it is still early to tell.

I am setting my 2020 new years resolution to be alcohol and mj free all year.

That will save tons of time and money and also make me even more stronger.

Ill be looking for freelance jobs, and bidding on other work as time goes by so I can start getting some part-time income.

Still working on the websites myteencoin.com and coincurrencynews.com and also watching synchrolife restaurant app.

For now, just couldnt sleep so woke up early and just having a quiet morning.


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