#ironmaiden #bookofsouls – don’t know how I missed this

Must have been sleeping last September when Maiden released their album Book of Souls! Up the Irons! Here is the live concert — they are playing in Edmonton on April 08th, but I doubt I’ll be able to make the show since it is a tough time financially, but I’ll be jammin at home! MAIDEN!!

Inspired By Science

HEy Fans! I have been receiving a lot of questions about why I went back to school for a degree in the sciences, and I have decided that I was influenced by this TIME INC. magazine I bought back in 2013, which introduced me to some concepts on the cosmos, genetics, archaeology, the earth, mind,Continue reading “Inspired By Science”

Fall Semester Almost Done! #studentlife #bbloggers

Hey Fans, As you know I went back to school in 2015, and began my degree in the Sciences. My classes included Biology 1020, Physics 1000, Environmental Science 2000, and Archaeology 1000. I finished three of my classes, and still have to complete my Biology Final exam. My Physics and Bio Classes also had labsContinue reading “Fall Semester Almost Done! #studentlife #bbloggers”

Reflecting on My Fashion Blog

It is with a little sadness that I report that I have been cutoff from my Fashion Blog for over 8 months, and feel that it would be great to get things going on that site again, and was a ton of work to write and produce, and hoping my Fashion Sponsors will hire meContinue reading “Reflecting on My Fashion Blog”

October Updates – Busy As Ever!

Hey Everyone! My school schedule is sure a lot more busy than my freelancing / trapping schedule, (well, it you don’t count all the work I did building my cabin), and if nothing else it is a brand new experience, and wholly enlightening in many ways. I must say I grabbed the bull by theContinue reading “October Updates – Busy As Ever!”


What a month! Had a very good month adjusting to my new routine. Maintained high activity levels and completed some milestones. 1. Achieved my first aid Cpr, AED, Oxygen. 2. Maintained good grades so far. 3. Picked up a part time job. 4. Donated some art to the Sociology Club office. 5. Reconnected to someContinue reading “SEPTEMBER UPDATE – OCTOBER START”

Getting re-education going

After a brief hiatus in life, I am now full-swing into my science program and already have two labs under my belt. Learned how to use a vernier caliper and learning tons of biology. Also, really fond of my teachers, and feel that they are totally world-class and just pushing the limits on everything. SportsContinue reading “Getting re-education going”

Samsung Pay Beta Invite

The Droid took a big win yesterday, just in time to match Apple’s new I Phone 6 rollout, truly signalling that the month of September is a moving month that will shift the world in a new direction for 2016. The announcement of the Samsung Pay comes with Samsung partnering with Overwaitea, Staples, and otherContinue reading “Samsung Pay Beta Invite”

First Day Of Classes Great Success! (Returning Student Recap)

T’day’s first day of classes was a great success! I attended a total of 4 Lectures! Had the opportunity to see some familiar faces in my class so that was totally amazing, and also had some great fun seeing my teachers in action, as well as trying out most of the new classrooms for theContinue reading “First Day Of Classes Great Success! (Returning Student Recap)”

My Blogs

http://www.coincurrencynews.com — bitcoins blog http://www.fashionweekly.com — fashion blog http://www.3cpoh.com — english writing and freelance blog http://www.kisserspace.com — love and sex research project on cyborgism http://www.btcreader.com — current blog While I’m never gonna stop blogging, I’m thinking of getting some vlogs going, and if anyone has any good hash tags to start a new fan clubContinue reading “My Blogs”

#bbloggers to Reduce Aging vs. #TheFame

I am much older than the people I follow, but I don’t really care because I feel that younger people have a better understanding of how the world is evolving, and that they are ultimately shaping the path our world is taking through their interaction with devices, and blogs, so today, I am going toContinue reading “#bbloggers to Reduce Aging vs. #TheFame”

Seasonal Change – Winter Goals

Hey Fans! Thanks so much for all the letters and responses!!! They mean the world to me!!! Thanks to all my blogging fans for all the comments, and all the 1989 Fans supporting Taylor’s tour, and Paris for having the kids rave!!! You guys are so amazing!! Staying in tonight to get my thoughts inContinue reading “Seasonal Change – Winter Goals”

Rainy Day Catchup

Having a nice inside day to let my body catchup on the extreme conditioning I have been putting it through! As much conditioning I have been doing, I am not noticing much for great results, however, my body does seem a little more toned, and if nothing else, I was surprised at my endurance toContinue reading “Rainy Day Catchup”

Mom, I Got Big By The Science Bug

Taking a moment to reflect and rethink one’s life can be a big step — especially when looking at all the challenges and tribulations and can be quite daunting, haunting, invigorating, and revitalizing for the individual. So, after taking a moment to look in the mirror, I have decided I need to look into learningContinue reading “Mom, I Got Big By The Science Bug”

Unbelievable – Caterpillar sheds its fur.

For the past week I have been observing the furry caterpillar, of which some of you may have seen last week, and during the last two days it was sitting on my pickaxe and today I see it has left behind a small "pelt" of caterpillar hair! Wow! You can see the caterpillar in itsContinue reading “Unbelievable – Caterpillar sheds its fur.”

Alberta’s Quickest Shuffle Ever – C’mon Rachel — Put In A Full Term!!!

To be honest, I am just glad to see someone actually take Cabinet and stand for it after the last few incidents with our former premieres and all the stress that politics has had on their lives; so hopefully Rachel can build some good social policy including the legalization of marijuana and help use someContinue reading “Alberta’s Quickest Shuffle Ever – C’mon Rachel — Put In A Full Term!!!”

Blabbing About Space — Blah, Blah, Blah

It seems like plenty is going on in space these days, and so far NASA has been doing an exceptional job reporting the facts to the educators who are interested in promoting the discipline of space exploration and science. Most recently, Space Science is being used to study the impact of geological activity in theContinue reading “Blabbing About Space — Blah, Blah, Blah”