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Best rabbit count yet

After putting miles and miles in the deep snow, and finding a couple spent carcasses, it was my turn to harvest….and it was bountiful! Totalling 7 Snowshoe Hares, it topped my previous best by 4. This was also after letting a few go in the morning cuz I wasnt planning on hunting, but if I am starting my new job soon then it would be good to harvest while the hunting is solid….and I spent the whole day plugging away. The Hares are still white and just starting to turn brown, but do to the deep snow they seem to be less wary than usual cuz they can just run down a hole.

Hares are a bitter tasting lot, but I have learned to curb this displeasant taste by boiling them for a solid 25 mins in water, olive oil, garlic, and green chilies. The chilies neutralizes the bitter taste and the other ingredients seem to tenderize it. After the boil, serve, or bbq, fry, or do whatever to get that extra zest. I find the front and back legs and haunches to be yummy and the tenderloins along the lower spinal column make a good addition to rice or ur favorite pasta.

Grabbn the bull by the horns

Out here on the farm it is almost calving season and i have three sprouts coming up in my flower planter, but that doesnt stop the envy for warmer climes. The wknd was a ball of sunshine and full moon fast approaching so it has been well lit to say the least. My leads are coming together Ok, but had to cash some stock to cover month-end payments and should be good until mid-april if everything holds fair.

Times arent the toughest; but they are tough. This has caused a priority shift in some of the ways that talents and priorities have shifted. Yesterday I popped a big hare with the .22 and made a pleasant minestrone soup with it. It didnt have the bitter poplar taste like the one I got last year and actually tasted like chicken. The tea has been on the evening boil nightly for the last 3 weeks and some choice picks are the tetley vanilla rooiboos and the green ginger lemon honey also from tetley. Tending to the wild rose bushes is an early affair for the sweet pink petals and hips make tasty infusions, along with some dandelion root blend and goose berries.

My primitive lifestyle leaves me begging the question of nature and nurture and how 10 years of post secondary education landed me here? In retrospect, as I trace back years of decsion making, some poor, some great, I am left pondering the haunts of my early years and wonder if I am not somehow recreating the wonders of my youth by throwing away all my care and responsiibility. Does our wisdom define our age? Do our peers? Our responsibilities and duties?

What sort of beast did we create? And, is it some sort of beautiful disaster that will have a golden ending? I say yes. Going back to our discussion of pain and pleasure, terror and ecstacy, and many of the other dichotomies of the senses, it must be the responsibility of the rational to define the irrational. To better understand this concept, a history of change and development must be established, with special attention to economic decision makibg including aspects of urbanization for commercialization opportunities. Being out here in the bush creates a different reality than my city life because I am not waitibg in lines, following traffic, or bombarded by ads. Does this make me more free??? In some ways, however, I also have to sacrifice the perks of power, running water, and things such as a fridge and heat. Thus, a priority shift is evident, and as such, a value shift necessarily, conscious or unconcious, also occurs. Justifying this to the self is much easier than justifying to others who do not share in this egalitarian lifestyle. A juncture is created between the self, in harmony with nature, and society because one’s priorities are not in sync. These are the challenges I am facef with, along with the ongoing concerns surrounding money and finding a job in the midst of a global economic crisis.

Where is the balance you may ask? This must be decided by you, but rhe greatest skill I have learned is to keep a very tight budget for things that are necessity rather than my earlier showman days of fast cars and exxpensive thrills. Does this mean you will have less fun though? Yes and No because, again, as the scenery changes so does your internal pressures and energy. Much of the fun and cash spending is a release for stress that you acquired to make your cash. Much of the entertainment fund is used as an escape from the city, the job, and the reality that can become such a chore. This is accentuated, consciously or unconciously, by contemporary media, to create feelings of remorse and helplessness where the cure is to spend on escapist ventures. This is what I call living fast.

When you step out of this work to play environment and situate yourself in a survival environment, the concept of work and play changes. Pride is placed in the work because it is for the self rather than the system as Nietsche suggests in his book The Perennial Philosophy. The concept of fun changes because you are not subjected to the high strung helplessness of city life, however, patience is realized more acutely as one realizes how much at whim to natures elements this lifestyle truly poses. Waking up 4 times a night to stoke the fire to "keep the heat on" and boiling water to purify drinking water and growing food are things that many people take for granted, however, with the right attitude and mindset, along with a creative spirit, one can reinvent how to live and what it means to be alive in our world.

As a pioneer, I have always sought new ways, ventures, on the quest for something bigger and better much like my fellows, but the further I go the more I realize about the intracacies of interconnectedness, intertextuality, and traditional modes of existence. We have changed. The world has changed, and it must keep changing. As a pioneer there are no new regional territories, but the ideological territories are vast. I encourage you to change with the world, and to keep changing, and ti change it into what you want it to be. If it means breaking down borders and barriers and printing more money, then do it. There should be no reason in this day and age with our advanced computing that there should be any issues at all. We should have had all these problems solved long ago….and the trick is to see them not as problems at all; but as solutions.

Crish crash splish splash, Only Tuesday?

What a bore. Here I am with all the gusto in my bellows like it was a Friday! Do you know why? Because tomorrow is Spring! Oh Spring, where you go and when you come back I never know, but soon K?

My seedlings are in a tub and a recent sprout took a charging lead against the other seeds and sprouted after only 5 days….even in the harsh poorly lit conditions of the cabin. How soon you will be healthy in the sun loving the richness or warm dirt and a thawing wet mound leaking her water into your roots like a warn placenta bringing you new life. So far zuchinni seeds are my primary goal as they produce a large hearty vegetable edible in a variety of dishes…..this should accelerate my harvest and increase personal food production until my lettuce and dill catchup.

On a side note we are dealing with some major snow and could expect flooding if the heat wave rolls in and kickstarts this new season….It will be in swell fashion if it hits the double digits to let us know She means business and set the stage for a good hearty ho down of lush and plush.

Leads are good with mail, colleges, and research opps going ahead full blast. However, as fast as they chomp at the bit, an equal resistance or force redirects, to maintain the equilibrium. This poses a few questions in the game about the legitimacy of action and decisionmaking and specific characteritics of the controlled and non-controlled variables.

Recent exsmpkes from my research suggest that changing course mid mission has unexpected advantages and disadvantages. This makes for an interesting study when you consider the point of entry and the current state of affairs. To find a causal event or action to define a state of affairs is a shot in the dark, AND if you expect to get any results whatsoever then focus on what you spend most of your time on and this will be your answer to what you find important in your life. Living under the pissibikiitues and ambiguities of making long shots happen is not ubreasonable, but this requires something far better than picking sonething at face value, as proveb why ive nevrr been married to any of the amazing women that have blessed my life. Is it a flaw know what you want out of kife may change? Is it against the law to view the world in a different light? All these are possibikities, however, for success you must realize Your personal barriers to faith and internal change. This makes creating the New You all the more fun cuz you can stick to your guns and lead by example.

Making a change to yiurself, family, community can happen overnight, but takes time for critics to accept and for its impact to propogate. Take the example of washington state Nd colorado amendment 502 on mj. This is a landmark event that has been denied for over 50 years… my books it is just as important as freeing the blacks from slavery and the oppression of women voting rights in the 1900s. Whats the nxt big thing?????? Hopefully a nice warm .Spring!!!!!

The written quest

Writing has always been elitist for many reasons…..scholars were often noble or assigned to document noble causes, and so developed a practice of communicating thoughts and ideas via an alternate mode. Today, after everything ive learned and discerned from academic literature for over a decade, i am still baffled by the question of why did i start writing?

Toasrmasters, masterminds, and chiefs will telll you it is a great way to reflect. I have answered my question as follows. When i started writing in 99 i was surrounded by literary students my age who thought writing was cool. Like dead poets society, but not freaky. It was a way to express yourself and i introduce yourselves to others as well as witness new styles. This helped me undrrstand the concept of the audience. The audience is the most important piece to compose your writing perspective. Perspective changing in personal writing and business communication is a highly valued skill in technical writers because of lets say describing how to change your oil or boost your batrery, different points are altogether mentioned thus leaving the audience with a particular story or message…whether their is an intended goal to the writing is the second most important piece in composition. If you are freewriting then this is a special type of eriting that only peofessionals can use because it often involves wroting through the subconcious and who knows what the message would be or of their were any intended outcomes. Outcome minded writing creates a clear picture of what you want to convey, if, and only if, the actual outcomes match the forecasted or intended outcomes.

In other news, the higgs boson was confirmed and the whole idea of particle physics is accelerating at a gyroscopic rate!

Checked out some school and might go for a trade and learn about wind power or check out the trpics on a budget.

Hurdle hopping

After a solid session of hurdling im feelin pretty good. Still gonna take a couple weeks in the deep freeze until things warm up a nimrod more……kinda like a bear hibernating.

More philosophical questions remain as i look at the newspaper still rolling cigarettes sitting by this fireplace doing math to see if things add up. ♥

Spring is on the 20th and Eastrr Monday is on April fools april 1 so i better come up with a good story to tell the family how ive been out slaying dragons. ♡

Eastr is actually 8 days earlirr this yeear. Lsst year it wss on the 9th so that is interesting that 8 days difference happened on the leap year.

Stoked for the argentine pop who ended the conclave. Maybe those awesome mother marys in rio de janiero will get some more attention!

My water filtratiin tank seems to be holding its own and due course should various directions for development and financial planning. Mind the monthlys and work the short term on simplicity while msnsging leads. Spreading too thin on novel ideas may be better pursued down the road. Staying put and reassing the sithuation maay make a jedi out of you yet.

2013 so far so good so what?

What are we to make of this world we are in with all its splendid beauty and misfortune? What grand design lends its eloquence to the heartbeat of imperfection? Gaiea, have our machines disrupted your natural cadence? What truths lie in desk drawers never to be revealed? Wither and thither if my home be not plundered, woe to me be success? What hankerin yonder ponderings sweep along in the wind, the waves, and our minds? Does what you see what you get prevail or can this reality carry more than meets the eye?

The reops have been moving along and i have coordinates on some leads that continue to keep me busy on the housekeeping side of things. Recently got most of my accounts updated and my new insurance stuff so thats good…..lots of fresh snow and projects here at the cabin. Got some spCe cleared for .my gRden and some solar functioning as well as a cold storage hole was excavated to plan for the summer heat….gave some feedback on a new bill and have been xploring my sexual side and psychologixcal and physiological hedonistic urges through the use of internet prono and cigarettes… what extent do my morals values and ethics enter into my decisiinmaking and a quest for hedonism? How does lifestyle and environmental conditions inform or guide social behaviour? Many of these old adages are placed in new light when viewed in non constrained settingz.

Also looking for more steddy work and lotsa good stuff on the go.

the retreat reop

after some op fails on the quality side i tightroped a sketchy retreat into the wilderness where i have now parked my booty. this has just as many risks as anything else goin on in the world but in orde to commit to this lifstyle i have to wacritice some things. that may sound nuts, but due to my financial posiion i ak goin to be forced to wait for longtime commisions, live off the land until my teaching gig kixks in, or run in house ops off my new smart phone whixh i am sing right now to test its capabilities with web usr interface power and finding a steady means to chsrge the things since there is no power water or servixces here. i bought soem water pills to purify my water a d am meltng s ow to rink ane got soem letttuce a s sprout seeds to stsrt in house grow ops to prevent sta avrstion. my jeep is gonna have to be psrked unless i can work a de on insurance and hst .ea s waiting until my stocks climb or another option is garnered thru my hustle to bustle to grt that cash once i know how this phone works and if running remote ops is even N option.

more to come later

Partying Sober vs Drunk – YouTube

This week was a bust at work.  The family day holiday in Canada put everyone off-kilter with the USA office teams and our strategy was comparable to the Sober Drunk analogy outlined the following video.

Partying Sober vs Drunk – YouTube.

In other news, I got my new license, put in my notice on rent at my place in the city and will be officially homeless in less than a week unless I decide to go live in my hut in the bush – priced out auto insurance and should be able to afford it if my fur check and my other checks come in.  Did some stupid shopping and not much else is new except for I might get a smartphone and join the rest of the world so I can access me emails from a distance.  Yarr!

The Week that Was

This week I felt like a fish out of water. After spending 8 hours in the Airport, I finally got a car and went and saw my client and then back to the airport the next day then did a job on wednesday then valentines day thursday in the mountains and housekeeping today.

things i did:

went to the hot springs

climbed a mountain

went looking for golf balls at fairmont banff springs course and found a pinnacle practice ball

bought a copper ingot at a rocks and gem store

found a different rock in the river bed

ran into dk at the bsh and caughtup

met a random girl at the hostel and had dinner

met some tweakers in a gazebo from london

changed oil in the jeep

updated my hotel of record

paid rent

copied my credit report for the bank so they can update my file

bought some sockets for 16 bucks


packed all my shitup to go to the cabin and bailed at the last minute

got paid

To Do:

decide to keep renting or move or wing it as a homeless nomad

get quotes for auto since 2 weeks until my current policy expires

make a revised budget

get mail

change the U-Joint in my front axle

find a girlfriend

have some freakin fun!

Things I saw:

A Mule Deer Buck and Doe in the Mountains (1st Time)

A Coyote in the Mountains (1st time)

A Huge Light Coming from Behind the Mountain Pointed at the Stars

Near Misses:
Almost got T-Boned on Wednesday coming from the Bank to the Car Wash so I punched it and jumped the curb landing 5 feet airborne into the ditch before hitting a culvert and then narrowly squeezing out and into the car wash, whereupon, inspection proved no damage.

That is when I really knew that God was watching over me.

Also, I put 10,000 Kms on the jeep on this last run before changing the oil and it was really starting to irk me since I was putting all these KMs on and just neglecting it and then jumping it over the curb into the ditch into a culvert was really icing on the cake.

Cant wait to make some more cash and get some tires and that axle rod fixed and also saving for a digital camera….

In other News, The Nikes proved themself worthy and the mountain obeyed nicely when I stomped it down. I also scaled a cliff and ran about 20km in the hills across the village and around the block without putting any damage to them.

The weekend is wideopen and just trying to collect my thoughts and gonna take some down time to reflect on the extreme pace of things this week since I estimate travelling over 2000 Miles this week.

Hoping things roll smooth over the wknd and everything transitions nicely into Monday and the rest of the week whatever it is that may be happening.

All-Nighter Here We Come!

Most All-Nighter’s I’ve pulled in the past were more meaningful than tonight’s little escapade inthe YQR — a somewhat pleasant airport — and free internet — and pretty quiet so its not too bad. On the poo-side, I should be in a rental car driving to my destination to visit my client whom I have a meeting with at 6am. The drive would have been 2 hours leaving me 4 hours to either sleep in the car or dilly-dally around at a hotel somewhere……seeing as how I never got that far because of a wrench in the gears, I am officially on standby.

My original plan was to rent a car, but my credit card is still in transit and alas money that is not in the form of a credit card is no good. After texting almost my whole address book, there were no philanthropists that wanted to throw their card up on good will and as a result, I had to email corporate to see if they can get things setup.

Problems: Nooone at corporate is working right now.

Other News:

Oilers took the win to end their 5 game losing streak and I ran into an old high-school flame? on the plane who is now working as an attendant and did a very thorough job at speaking in both English and French which was much nicer the an the recording. Woo Tam!

Today I also went on a date with a girl who actually knew one of my real ex’s and gave me some cred with the gal who had recently had her wisdom tooth out and it was pretty rough since we went to a buffet and i was gorging on all this great indian food and she was soo hungry and it was starting to get pretty ugly until the server told her about this rice pudding. Amen. Otherwise things probably would have went south pretty quick, but we managed to make it through lunch and tea and actually had a pretty good lunch before touring!

After that, I got all packed for my trip and prepared my notes and played some house soccer with the little chinese kid that lives in the same house as me. Even for my age I am still pretty agile and think beckam should probly step down and recognize that there are some damn good players that dont play in the biggs cause they are too busy getting caught in red tape at airports! :0

Other than that, I will have to see how this all plays out — will i visit my client? will i get fired? will I have to try to find a way home? Will corporate front the deposit? Will I get sent home and not visit my client until I get my credit card? Will my banker finally return my call and let me know where my bloody card is?

I finally got some new Nikes!

Today I went and got my mail and my new drivers license and my new credit card were not in there, but hey, there was a phone bill and so I drove back to the house and did a quick budget and heard god say go to the casino and when I went there christmas music was playing and I put 20 bucks on roulette and it hit 35 so I made a 100 bucks then I played 3 cards of poker. First hand I got a pair of 2s and the house took the win with a full house. The next hand I came back with a full boat, kings full of 4s and then a straight on my next hand to put me up $130.

ChaChing! Straight to the Nike Outlet and got these rad new sneakers for 68 bucks! Having a super chill Chinese New Years Eve tonight and getting ready for my trip tomorrow.

My new sneakers work great and I did a nice run around the block and have been doing some dance moves to MUCH and Taylor Swift and pretty fun night!