Bat Flower and Ik kil cenote, yucatan

Took a suck on this bat flower and went for a dip in the famous cenote where there were tons of people from all over the world including Russia, France, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, China, and the USA. The cenote is 140 feet deep and has a 50 foot cavern opening that looks up to theContinue reading “Bat Flower and Ik kil cenote, yucatan”

๐Ÿ˜ฑ We can’t decide!

Vote for the one from Robert! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hundreds of Canadians from all across the country submitted a design for LPC’s new campaign shirt. 350 Albert Street, Suite 920 Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6M8, CA. Authorized by the Federal Liberal Agency of Canada, registered agent for the Liberal Party of Canada. Fewer emailsโ€‚โ€ขโ€‚ Contactโ€‚โ€ขโ€‚ Privacy policyโ€‚โ€ขโ€‚ Unsubscribe

T-Shirt Design Contest Finalist!

Hi Robert, Congratulations, again! It was great speaking with you earlier. As I mentioned, your idea was chosen by our design and engagement teams as a finalist in our "Your Movement, Your T-shirt" promotion. We’ll put the t-shirt inspired by your idea next to two other finalists’ and ask our supports to pick their ultimateContinue reading “T-Shirt Design Contest Finalist!”

Robert’s record of incredible support

Go Truduea Go! We’re always thinking of ways to give back and say thank you for everything that you do Robert, dedicated Liberal supporters like you are the foundation of our movement. We’re always thinking of ways to give back and say thank you for everything that you do to support Justin Trudeau and ourContinue reading “Robert’s record of incredible support”

Spring Road Trips, Prospecting, Bear Hunting

Good times so far this Spring having the time of my life enjoying nature and getting back to the land, even if I am not raking in the cash, I am actually having a good time and learning lots about the weather and land. Here are some snaps from my recent roadtrip where I workedContinue reading “Spring Road Trips, Prospecting, Bear Hunting”

#ironmaiden #bookofsouls – don’t know how I missed this

Must have been sleeping last September when Maiden released their album Book of Souls! Up the Irons! Here is the live concert — they are playing in Edmonton on April 08th, but I doubt I’ll be able to make the show since it is a tough time financially, but I’ll be jammin at home! MAIDEN!!