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Poison dart frog and new frog species

Found 2 poison dart frogs today and a new species on my mountain jungle hike in costa rica

The small brown cap nosed frog was 1 cm by 1 cm and living in a decayed porous mushroom.

It was dark and is approx. 1 I ch above the money piece in the photo.

Also fou d a nice birthing pool with tadpoles.

Adios Mexico Mi Amor

This has been a great trip to the west side of Mexico. My first time in the Peurto Vallarta and it was a rough entry into the area during the first week, but managed to plane things out on a straight line and get some peace and quiet.

Saw some amazing people and kept a nice lifestyle of Sure, bike, nature, and work!

What an amazing trip and I look forward to seeing an amazing lovely Mexico.

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