Cold storage halfling house and garden clearing continued….

The garden clearing is by far the most laborious as you have to clear the snow, wait for the ground to thaw, rip the topgrowth and rocks and roots out, then break the soil so things can grow. Luckily, my cold storage house is in need of more coverage since the moose hides I wasContinue reading “Cold storage halfling house and garden clearing continued….”

A re-awakening or just plain crap?

Do you thing seasons and stars have spirits? Why did many of the ancient civilizations believe these deities to have life-like qualities? Are we being too naieve in our present day and age due to a dumbed-down cultural and social mentality to even consider these questions? How does this relate to the stack of dishesContinue reading “A re-awakening or just plain crap?”

The written quest

Writing has always been elitist for many reasons…..scholars were often noble or assigned to document noble causes, and so developed a practice of communicating thoughts and ideas via an alternate mode. Today, after everything ive learned and discerned from academic literature for over a decade, i am still baffled by the question of why didContinue reading “The written quest”

2013 so far so good so what?

What are we to make of this world we are in with all its splendid beauty and misfortune? What grand design lends its eloquence to the heartbeat of imperfection? Gaiea, have our machines disrupted your natural cadence? What truths lie in desk drawers never to be revealed? Wither and thither if my home be notContinue reading “2013 so far so good so what?”

Partying Sober vs Drunk – YouTube

This week was a bust at work.  The family day holiday in Canada put everyone off-kilter with the USA office teams and our strategy was comparable to the Sober Drunk analogy outlined the following video. Partying Sober vs Drunk – YouTube. In other news, I got my new license, put in my notice on rentContinue reading “Partying Sober vs Drunk – YouTube”