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Hey Guys,

I am just ordering a camera and going to start doing daily videos across my channels on a wide variety of topics, and sharing posts here of my vlogs.

While I still enjoy writing, I think it will be good to get some video time and grow my vlogging network.
Here is my youtube chennel

In the meantime, I went on a Spring Prospecting Run to Vancouver Island and took my Chevrolet Truck, and did lots of biking and gold panning. I was a little nervous about the truck because the logging roads on the coast are fairly rough, and as a result, I didn’t make it to any of the panning spots from my Gold Book. Next time, I think I will fly and rent a car and spend a week camping.

It cost me 520 in gas (there and back), and 150 in Ferry costs, so it is almost cheaper to fly there. Oh well, for now I am practicing being patient and going to focus on doing some videos for youtube and have some fun with my video camera once I get it. I think I will order it later today, or early next week.

The Altcoins Cookbook by Robert Chernish

Check out my first e-book! This is my first public book after working privately as a writer for over 20 years. I am very excited to have published this very first book in a brand new industry, and believe this compendium and reference guide will ease the pain for people looking to learn more about how to survive the currency revolutions!

Take a look at the Teaser now!

October Updates – Busy As Ever!

Hey Everyone!

My school schedule is sure a lot more busy than my freelancing / trapping schedule, (well, it you don’t count all the work I did building my cabin), and if nothing else it is a brand new experience, and wholly enlightening in many ways.

I must say I grabbed the bull by the horns and got involved to the max, and have since whittled down my activity after going through a massive burst of involvement.

I have honed down my activities to remain involved in the following:

*school work and academics
*clubs (rotaract, neuroscience, geology, OMC, and GEEK)

You may have noticed that I have been pretty quiet on the blogs, and that is because I have been blogging on my new pet project to get more involved with the Lethbridge News and CAmpus Community, where I have relaunched into an #ulethaltnews student site. Me and another x-ranch-hand have decided to team up and try and collaborate to bring some of my web design and publishing skills to local businesses, and possibly start to grow my web development services, so that would be fun if I could get some new business that way.
Screen shot 2015-10-23 at 9.40.36 PM

School is overwhelming. there is so much amazing stuff to learn and know, and I am totally in love with it, but get really upset when I get poor grades, as I totally bombed my Physics Midterm, and now am playing catchup, and there is a possibility that I may have to re-take it since I have been out of the physics scene for awhile, but at least I will have a strong approach should I take it again.

As for my other classes, BIO 1020 is extremely challenging, and The Diversity of Life is vast, and more than I could have ever imagined, and will be spending the next few days preparing for my midterms in Bio, as they are some of the toughest, and will really impact my GPA as it stands.

Screen shot 2015-10-23 at 9.44.47 PM

I recently met with the Co-Op Job Agency on Campus who is working with me to find some placement options to fit with my new science designation, so that I will be able to get some financing, or at least a career-related employment experience opportunity, which is exciting.

In other news, I am going to work with some local groups or departments to develop a budget for exploration, as well as work on some other items.

Suprisingly I am still having good luck finding stones, and miss panning the rivers!
Suprisingly I am still having good luck finding stones, and miss panning the rivers!

My ARky class is totally exciting, and environmental science is scary — learning about all the species, pollution problems, and strain put on good ol mother earth. Oh well, I am glad I got to experience nature at its finest, and can learn some things in the class to help my future adventures. In the meantime, it is safe to say that I am going for my Science degree, and will at least pass a few classes, and have met some new friends, and am maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle for the most part (although some of the food I eat is canned, boxed, etc.), and didn’t get any garden food this year, but can’t complain and enjoy things for the most part.

My roomate is out of the house tonight so I might watch some TV and just keep getting caughtup on homework and other items. Until next time, love ya!

Samsung Pay Beta Invite

The Droid took a big win yesterday, just in time to match Apple’s new I Phone 6 rollout, truly signalling that the month of September is a moving month that will shift the world in a new direction for 2016. The announcement of the Samsung Pay comes with Samsung partnering with Overwaitea, Staples, and other large brands to provide a tap-based system to pay and shop.

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 12.32.35 AM

The main goal of Samsung, who initially reported that they were moving out of phones and into Microchips, has beat Apple to the sensual revolution with their better phones early in the 2014, 2015 markets when consumer product testing was being done to see if the phones would handle the new forms of payment, and now they are rolling it out to compete with other forms of payment.

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 12.32.01 AM

So now the big question will be how to migrate the Bitcoins and Altcoins into Samsung Pay, and then how one could potentially earn Samsung Bucks, or what have you. Is the end result to have more currencies than once can manage with the decentralized model? Or to simply play the most valuable currency at the given time?

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 12.31.52 AM

This may be a perfect time to go get a new S6, and try the new Samsung PAy Today!

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 12.31.44 AM

#bbloggers to Reduce Aging vs. #TheFame

I am much older than the people I follow, but I don’t really care because I feel that younger people have a better understanding of how the world is evolving, and that they are ultimately shaping the path our world is taking through their interaction with devices, and blogs, so today, I am going to talk about why I am an older male blogger who writes blogs to reduce the feeling of aging.

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 3.38.09 PM

Once I teamed up with my bloggers, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Other people out there were righting thousands of words per day trying to make money and pay the bills, as well as explore new paths, share stories, and compete with each other on how many views they were getting.

The whole new element of blogging and popularity contests has been one of my main concerns since I lost all my facebook friends, and found that most people were trash-talking my youtube videos, I felt like all I have left was my blog, and my daily journal, which I still keep as a general diary. I feel that my real diary is more important than my blog because it is more private, since blogs are generally out there for the world to see what kind of person you are.

For me, people who blog probably have a better sense of perspective on the world than people that don’t blog. Basically, bloggers are smarter than non-bloggers, and eventually they will get the followers if they stick to producing a wide range of material across topics that trend, and get networking with the right team. Lately, I have joined the #bbloggers fan club and use that hashtag for my blog posts.

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 3.19.10 PM

So far wordpress has been my favorite blogging, and I usually set a feature image to give my fans an idea of what they are getting. I also conduct a wide range of social experiments on my audience such as how many likes I get, how many RTs, and other stats, and find that my quest in social media is progressing in new areas that I can grow into rather than grow out of, since there are entirely new ways of communicating across a wide range of hashtags, channels, and basically the whole internet is connected so it makes for easy syncing across a wide range of platforms.

Most people that don’t blog are generally those people that need to “get a life” so to speak, and possibly use a blog to create some meaning to their lives, or as a sort of document or autobiography, a tool to share their story, as well as open up new opportunities for criticism and adventure.

How would you deal with the fame if your blog went big?

Rainy Day Catchup

Having a nice inside day to let my body catchup on the extreme conditioning I have been putting it through!

As much conditioning I have been doing, I am not noticing much for great results, however, my body does seem a little more toned, and if nothing else, I was surprised at my endurance to have such a productive week of training!

Managed to hit the gym 4 times this week, as well as get plenty of organizational stuff taken care of, most especially storage issues that were leaving me to concentrated in some areas, which was alleviated by spreading things out a bit, which took a load off my back.

Other than that, finally transitioned to the closure of Upstream Minerals Inc., and got my certificate of dissolution since I could not afford to maintain operations with such a low budget, and any deals made just got reverted back to gentlemen’s agreements.

Moving On...
Moving On…

Also started working some angles, and pitched a Cooperative Deal for a supporting partner to the College to look at options for collaborating in some new employment or business ventures, as well as picked up a part-time model review assignment which is going to keep me busy working on weekends to try and make rent and other payments which hit the tally, but as far as it goes, everything is purely manageable, and the lessening of the load from having a Corporate Entity, as well as a host of other dead properties that required upkeep will, or have been disposed of.

A big part of the re-prioritizing comes with my quest to increase my knowledge of the sciences, as well as increase my teaching and research profile, and employment and career expertise, which has been made relevant by all the new angles I am working, and while at the same time minimizing contract obligations (for the most part) and annual corporate dues, membership fees, and licensing, I feel that the move is in a solid direction to create more collaborative ventures with existing companies and institutions rather than maintaining a stand-alone corporation that could be subject to a range of external liabilities, so that feels kind of good to be able to operate as a free agent again, without having to worry about making ends meet during times of extreme loss.

It is already the middle of July, and I feel like everything is sort of on-track for a September start, and that I will have groomed myself well enough to make the grade on any path I choose, as well as get some opportunities to explore some new sights, take advantage of city perks, and push my training and academic programs with top-of-the-class leading research and educational resources.

Next week, I will be going camping as I will officially declare being caughtup, but until then, I have plenty more work to do, and hope to have some extra free-time by next week, at which point I hope to have received my first check for project development and start of the model reviews project.

for share payouts, see or email me to get on the calendar.

Alberta’s Quickest Shuffle Ever – C’mon Rachel — Put In A Full Term!!!

To be honest, I am just glad to see someone actually take Cabinet and stand for it after the last few incidents with our former premieres and all the stress that politics has had on their lives; so hopefully Rachel can build some good social policy including the legalization of marijuana and help use some of that money to organize the health, policing, schools, and social services; especially when it seems like many of the larger oil companies are “taking the money” and closing doors — something that politicians are usually blamed for — but in any case — we are where we are with what we have, and if it means giving Rachel the freedom to print money to get the Alberta economy back on its feet to support our seniors then do it. It is ridiculous to just let large corporations rape and pillage our land while the peasants suffer, especially when other countries, and some of the banks even admitted to “rigging” and other “financial schemes” that diluted the money supply in the US and have plunged the Canadian Dollar to new lows.

If we are going to get back in the game without oil, we are either going to have to print money or legalize marijuana to make the most of our arable land. Those are the two quickest wins, and if we are going to be doing those types of policy leads, then we need to take B.C. and Saskatchewan into the fold to ensure regulatory and logistical compliance and make some changes to the NAFTA to ensure a better commerce route is established to the Alaska and the North.

Other new revenue options include carbon credit tax which should be enforced immediately to see how the corporations react, as well as give Rachel a large power-test in her new role to see if she can set the trend for something the whole world will eventually have to migrate to, and maybe she could even make some money doing it.

Other new revenue options are on measuring and taxing our water that flows into the US., since water from our lakes may be travelling via pipelines, so it is important to provide adequate kickbacks to places affected by the movement and transport of water out of Alberta, as it offers some new ground in revenue streams, and is a vital commodity.

Can she do it? I think she has some underlying grit that gives her an edge, especially with how solid her training in politics and law must be, even if it takes her a little bit of time to get all her finances in order.

Besides, the stage is already set for failure after what must be the quickest cabinet shuffle in the history of Alberta, with 14 years shaved off during this little “quickie.”

Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 10.37.39 PM

Am I a nerd that I am starting to learn more about our political leaders?

Stay tuned to see if Rachel makes the grade, or if she will spend thousands on private flights to travel the world in pursuit of making a better Alberta!

Alberta has a lot of potential!!! Make it work for its residents! Go Rachel Go!!

Blabbing About Space — Blah, Blah, Blah

It seems like plenty is going on in space these days, and so far NASA has been doing an exceptional job reporting the facts to the educators who are interested in promoting the discipline of space exploration and science.

Most recently, Space Science is being used to study the impact of geological activity in the upper atmosphere:

Screen shot 2015-05-03 at 10.36.53 PM

And with mixed emotions, people said goodbye and hello to the legacy of Messenger and its contributions to establishing a wealth of resource data on Mercury, one of the biggest shields, or planets that gets rocked by hard-hitting solar rays on a daily basis, but has some neat craters to hide in that may be able to provide coverage, one crater which was recently made by Messenger when it impacted a couple days ago.

Screen shot 2015-05-03 at 10.37.09 PM

Messenger did tons for space science and Mercury seems like a great spot to send a rover to followup on the Messenger Mission, with the goal of creating some power sources, or solar panels to get some operations started there, if that is even possible.

Screen shot 2015-05-03 at 10.43.48 PM

From some of the material I saw it looks like Mercury absorbs much of the UV Rays and converts them, or cools them below the surface, at least the infogram appeared to be giving the effect of particle activity travelling into tectonics and going from red to blue- giving a cooling effect.

Other things include all the craters, as well as a revolving sphere of spheroids or interplanetary asteroid activity, making the surface appear to be heavily congested with impacts and asteroid presence. The asteroid may be resemblant of some of the comet activity appearances of comets around Earth, including 67P. No matter, people are getting fired up about all the missions going on, and with the commercialization of space well underway, it is no mystery that everyday citizens and business people are starting to take an interest the in allure and mysteries that space offers.

While I am a total space-lover — I presently have no interest in going to space at all!! I am too much of an earth-lover to ever consider leaving, but some people are actually signing up to colonize mars and that would take a tons of guts and balls to do — do these people really have it that bad on earth that they want to go to Mars?


While mars is tempting with is alluring red dunes and hidden icy depths, it is getting even more tempting as people begin to realize that their will one day be colonies on Mars, and other planets.

Mobilizing these ventures must consider the health and safety of its participants, and if you really want to have some fun, combine that with the advances in genetic research and DNA modification, and it may be that colonies can be achieved with lower startup costs and higher efficiency and construction.

The issues that Earth faces now are just things that other planets will have to face later on, and really getting into Pandora’s Box and God-Playing questions seem like old topics with all the revolutionary change introduced by today’s technology. I mean, who ever thought I would be running my own website and blogging about space and technology and whether or not earthlings would be colonizing mars, asteroids, or other planets?

Well, it seems like these topics will be underlying issues for the next generation of policy makers, and it would be good to get some experienced hands doing the research and writing the policy, without having a strong bias or overt agenda; so please feel free to send me an email if you want to put together an application for funding to study space science since there is lots of data, and plenty of future commercialization opportunities for young scientists to get engaged in space travel and commercializing space pursuits.

While space as we know it today is just about 90% fantasy, at least from where I’m sitting, there are some real cosmonauts that have faced the challenges of their bones shrinking and lungs collapsing and electricution and suffocation, so some real risks are involved to develop and further the science, and even with the help of intelligent robotics like Robonaut, and Robonaut II, and all the other space programs around the world, there is still plenty of work to do, and more cooperation needs to be done between the colonies to help build more inclusive and supporting policy using an ecological perspective that uses novel ways to boost interplanetary exploration, colonialization, and intergalactic business, to improve the quality of life on earth.

While there are many planets to explore, Earth seems to be the most favorable, and I hope that it stays that way for years to come! However, the tug of the interstellar isn’t developed overnight, so cheers to space and finding out nicer and better planets to get some more action going!

Kepler seems to be doing just that — with over 8 identifiable planets already scouted, and plenty more located in the habitable zone, the range of planets is widespread and diverse, so the real estate market is largely untapped, and it is most likely that the claims to territory will come with responsibilities such as providing shelter, and other basic necessities that govern humanitarian programs on earth.

Before And After Log Cabin Church

Here is the Build and some reflections on my innovate design, which is most likely influenced by Grandpa Cooke and Old Churches of England.


This picture is after I removed the roof which was tarped during the winter of 2013, since I had cut the logs and peeled them during the summer of 2013, then let them season over 2014 when I was in Mexico (Nov.22 – May 21). Arriving back in May 2014, I took a couple months to review the build and purchased lumber in September, getting it roofed and tarped by October, 2014, around the same time I started my new company, so by my birthday, I was pretty much ready for Winter, which I am still working through.

Here is my new cabin/church/studio/sacred religios place of worship a few weeks ago, handling the Winter 2014-2015 very well, thank you very much, and will undergo a new facelift during the summer of 2015, including a new root and adaptation to the crypt.

20150214 142125
20150214 142125

You will also note that I built this cabin using all wood from the forest around me, and used the trees as part of the design with 8 trees cribbing in the foundation — some as close as one or two feet away, proving my trust in the forest and have modelled the design to grow with the landscape. I only cut one tree around the cabin area, as you can see from start to finish — something that some would consider a masterpiece since no machine could ever work around the trees like I did, with large foundation trees at the corners and over 8 tree in tight perimeter protecting the main box.

Furture development may incorporate the trees as part of a larger build that I have noticed to be resplendent of some of the casters and abbeys from England as I try and pursue my English Heritage with greater earnest after finding some botanical clues that peak new interests.

Designers and Architects will note the seventh log up on the east, south, and west sides have their centers removed, which all the cavity more adequate shelving for books and objects of worship. They can also be turned into windows without compromising the foundation. The North Wall is a solid core that has been reinforced on the exterior.

All the horizontal logs were filled with insulation and bounded together by horizontal lumbers such as 2 by 4 and 2 by 6 by 16 feet with to provide vertical support for the second level, which used a main cross beam to tie in the opposing sides.




I am so looking forward to the commercialization of space compared to the science of space. Can we finally make a Bitcoin worth a trillion and shop infinitely in space? It is only a matter of time before countries and companies start investing into space programs, if they aren’t already doing so. What is trending now is a new “space-race” that includes the romanticism of space travel and even colonialization on ships in space.


Having your own ship in space may not be as luxurious as it sounds, but the race is on, and people are going for the gusto! Scotland has made an entry into the race by positing itself as a good location for Aerodromes. These places are used to send people, goods, and other space traffic into transit, and also receive incoming traffic. It sure is nice to see the Scottish putting these plans into use, and the next generation of workers aren’t complaining either as the future prospects for employment in the “Space Industry” is on the rise, and may be a new economic trend in our present day and age.


See the FULL-ON @BBC

The Delphi Method and Currency RECAP

In economic forecasting, the Delphi Method is a technique used to set the tone for an end message, or to help inform predictable outcomes. ¬†For example, a series of interviews, questionnaires, or in this case media advertisements, will be delivered to the public to help guide public opinion so that the end message is consistent with the intended initial messaging ¬†— thus achieving consistency and maintaining order.


Will the US make back some ground on the Yuan?

I’m thinking so, but who knows!! ¬†Did you expect the big ‘ol Greenback to be whipping the Canadian and Aussie Dollars into submission?? ¬† These exchange rates are really starting move, and after 6 months of differentials, is there going to be some normalcy?


An Alphabet Of Options

What an exciting day! ¬†I can’t believe how lucky all of us are to¬†be alive, no matter where we live, because no matter who you are, you should just stay alive to see how things pan out this year, as they prove to be something of a spectacle as we may actually witness some incredible events like the volcanos down south and new emerging islands off of Japan and glacial melt.

Such a revolutionary time to be alive, I bet all the historians are rolling in their graves, green with envy, at the astonishing unfolding of events with oil glutting and the whole range of battles cultures in the east, and wow, just so much is going on!  It is amazing I find time to work and not constantly be glued to the news!

I like BBC.COM for the British Take since they have a good representation and CNN for some of the nitty gritty stuff on the whole majority being signed in as the Republicans Take The House.  So the most important things for Canada?    Keystone XL causing a split, water scarcity, giving oil away at cheap rates.

GOING FORWARD ON BITCOIN COVERAGE>>>  Looks like this little weasel worked its way into the logic somewhere before the current derailment, so it is going to offer some potential as another metric of study as people scramble to get caughtup with the admin side of things.

Locations all across the world are harmonizing at different times, dealing with their own unique challenges.

WHAT THE HECK TECH>? ¬† Back in earlier sessions there was talk about the advent of the new internet, or next generation Internet, the IP5 — Internet Protocol 5 — which would bring everything together to better communicate, so that is something that should be noted as the protocol continues to evolve and harmonize. ¬†The growing pains that seem to be evident in the form of international disorder and grief could be reactions to the system flexing its muscles in ways we don’t understand as rulemakers and governors. ¬†This creates both opportunity and strain, which can be seen by the current total impact of the economic stifling that Canada is suffering from as it gets it’s currency beat down (18 cents on the dollar) and its primary commodities, which has been the primary driver of infrastructure development, basically shutdown.

Will the banks collapse like they did in the States in ’08? ¬†Probably not, but the rates are going to be in tow to be re-worked in the fall when the Canadian Election occurs. ¬†So this could be a really intense year? ¬† Who are you voting for? ¬† ¬†Will Justin be able to carry on the Trudeau legacy and give Quebec back its powers from 1694 when Jacques Cartier setup shop in the Hudson Bay? ¬†As far as I know they are all getting drunk on Maple Syrup.

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 4.27.31 PM

Such brilliance could only be the work of great chess players, or mathematicians?  Perhaps not, in fact, the whole situation could have just as easily have been dreamed by a poet, or illustrated by a painter.


A>  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  Seems like any last-minute decision-making could just make things worse.

B>  Now is the time to make some fall-back plans financially, and possibly look at food supply scarcity and disease problems.

C> Vacationing never sounded better. ¬†Let’s pack a bag and fly to>>>>???? ¬† To where? ¬†:”_

D>  Things in my area of the world are just fine.  What is all the hype about?

E> ¬†How is that story different than the story we ran last week? ¬† ¬†Is this some sort of “same old story” conditioning?

F> Is now a good time to go back to school?

G>  What are my friends doing?

H> What are my goals this year?

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 4.27.20 PM

I>  If I could grow one type of food, what would it be?

J> What type of new device should I buy?

K> Is there a metric that considers the fluctuations between the commodities and currencies?  Can someone share it so I can get rich?

L>  What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

M>  What is your favorite sex position?

J> Do you bite your nails?

K>  What do you like better?  Coffee or Tea?

O> Who is your favorite blogger?

P>  Do you like golfing?   Why?

Q> Do you ever walk the golf course?

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 4.29.31 PM

R> Diamonds or pearls?

S> Do you like camping?

T> How valuable is your privacy?

U> Are you religious?

V> Do you believe in Santa?

W> How often do you masturbate?

X>  Feet or shoes?

Y> Cotton or silk?

Z>  Do you want to find a long-term partner?


Winter Starts Tomorrow! Quick Recap


Was the Mayan Calendar off by a couple years or what the heck is all this Mumbo Jumbo anyway ?


Like what happened to all the #Sochi Rallies on Twitter?>>>?


C’mon the Sochi Jokes were the BEST!!!!

Now look at things this year!!!  Completely different scenario with all the problems over there in Ukraine and Russia and the price of oil and there are just so many news items this year that it is amazingly difficult to keep up to speed with what is going on anymore!!

Even keeping in touch with family can be a hard time. ¬†Like mom, I don’t want to BE FACEBOOK FRIENDS!!!! ¬† I love you, but I’m not being your friend on Facebook. ¬†Use the force if you want to send me a message.



ANy ideas? ¬† I had a tough-go getting my books to balance this year, and I had my best year in years, but one of the hardest parts was dealing with a company that would go bankrupt and other losses to compensate some of the wins, but overall, I had more disposable income mid-year (4000) than ever before, so that was nice to light up and drop on the market to see it go up in flames. ¬†Now I have about 2000 on the market in gold hoping that pops and about 900 on Bitcoin Miners which are little machines that mine me coin, so that is dope, but I wont have a ton of return on those till mid 2015 and that is only if Bitcoin trends upward….so that is all I know about that stuff….


Sounds like my friends are looking for new investment opportunities and I am trying to help them get started in Bitcoin so I can double down on my interest in the commodity, as well as have a chance to kick it bigtime with those that get in and get some coin before it rockets.


The price of oil has me spooked stiff.  Alberta is in a tight spot.  Does anyone know if production is going to be impacted?


What the oil companies need to do is look at the METRICS of the CPB cost per barrel to produce vs. market price>>>>>  Then factor that into the currency exchange and see if it is going to be feasible.


The Greenback is now 16 cents above parity on the Loonie!    Quite a happening year for our neighbours to the south~!!



Next issue: ¬†The North Pole — Looks like Santa is now in talks with three countries who are trying to decide where him and the elves moved the secret sled, but it looks like Christmas is still on, and the North Pole will continue to be floating around somewhere in the Arctic.

The Interview movie is now being co-inspected by both America and North Korea as the young Kim Jong Un has made a commitment to probe the Sony hack, so it is nice to see some cooperation during the holiday season while these nations make strides to solve internet security problems and other good progress.

In other news, people seem to be making small moves to gear up for 2015, but nothing major, since the best plan is to go with the flow, but it sure does make things extremely exciting because the volatility adds an extra element to basically all our traditional models.



Modern Philosophy professors and academics all over the world must be battling some serious epistemological questions about the nature of humanity at this point, and possible extensions of our whole concept of modality as it relates to a series of sequences, moments, or pre-cursors that cannot be defined because of all the simultaneous currencies happening world-wide at the same given moment, to produce what we call TRENDING.



Hopefully BC and AB follow suit and get the policy right



Then Alaska, BC, AB, Oregon, and Washington can have some more trade established, and better productivity with the Tax revenues from Marijuana, which can go to Healthcare, Schools, and Senior’s Citizens instead of the¬†pushers!!!

For more Marijuana policy advice, please visit the MPP,


This would be a great stop-gap preventative in the recent Oil Price Decline, and the recent vote from Oregon, Alaska and Washington to Legalize puts Alberta in a good regional location for Trade.