#ironmaiden #bookofsouls – don’t know how I missed this

Must have been sleeping last September when Maiden released their album Book of Souls! Up the Irons! Here is the live concert — they are playing in Edmonton on April 08th, but I doubt I’ll be able to make the show since it is a tough time financially, but I’ll be jammin at home! MAIDEN!!

October Updates – Busy As Ever!

Hey Everyone! My school schedule is sure a lot more busy than my freelancing / trapping schedule, (well, it you don’t count all the work I did building my cabin), and if nothing else it is a brand new experience, and wholly enlightening in many ways. I must say I grabbed the bull by theContinue reading “October Updates – Busy As Ever!”

#bbloggers to Reduce Aging vs. #TheFame

I am much older than the people I follow, but I don’t really care because I feel that younger people have a better understanding of how the world is evolving, and that they are ultimately shaping the path our world is taking through their interaction with devices, and blogs, so today, I am going toContinue reading “#bbloggers to Reduce Aging vs. #TheFame”