Reflecting on My Fashion Blog

It is with a little sadness that I report that I have been cutoff from my Fashion Blog for over 8 months, and feel that it would be great to get things going on that site again, and was a ton of work to write and produce, and hoping my Fashion Sponsors will hire meContinue reading “Reflecting on My Fashion Blog”

October Updates – Busy As Ever!

Hey Everyone! My school schedule is sure a lot more busy than my freelancing / trapping schedule, (well, it you don’t count all the work I did building my cabin), and if nothing else it is a brand new experience, and wholly enlightening in many ways. I must say I grabbed the bull by theContinue reading “October Updates – Busy As Ever!”

Mom, I Got Big By The Science Bug

Taking a moment to reflect and rethink one’s life can be a big step — especially when looking at all the challenges and tribulations and can be quite daunting, haunting, invigorating, and revitalizing for the individual. So, after taking a moment to look in the mirror, I have decided I need to look into learningContinue reading “Mom, I Got Big By The Science Bug”

Blabbing About Space — Blah, Blah, Blah

It seems like plenty is going on in space these days, and so far NASA has been doing an exceptional job reporting the facts to the educators who are interested in promoting the discipline of space exploration and science. Most recently, Space Science is being used to study the impact of geological activity in theContinue reading “Blabbing About Space — Blah, Blah, Blah”

Enceladus Has Hydro-Activity

While no-one has been able to make the claim to fame of finding Wildlife On Another Planet — Cassini Mission gets good data on the potential Saturn’s Moon Enceladus as a potential simulation model for ealry-Earth like Geothermal activity 00 which is pretty cool. But the missing link is obviously the wildlife???? For are theyContinue reading “Enceladus Has Hydro-Activity”