The Altcoins Cookbook by Robert Chernish

Check out my first e-book! This is my first public book after working privately as a writer for over 20 years. I am very excited to have published this very first book in a brand new industry, and believe this compendium and reference guide will ease the pain for people looking to learn more aboutContinue reading “The Altcoins Cookbook by Robert Chernish”

Rainy Day Catchup

Having a nice inside day to let my body catchup on the extreme conditioning I have been putting it through! As much conditioning I have been doing, I am not noticing much for great results, however, my body does seem a little more toned, and if nothing else, I was surprised at my endurance toContinue reading “Rainy Day Catchup”

The Delphi Method and Currency RECAP

In economic forecasting, the Delphi Method is a technique used to set the tone for an end message, or to help inform predictable outcomes. ¬†For example, a series of interviews, questionnaires, or in this case media advertisements, will be delivered to the public to help guide public opinion so that the end message is consistentContinue reading “The Delphi Method and Currency RECAP”

Winter Starts Tomorrow! Quick Recap

  Was the Mayan Calendar off by a couple years or what the heck is all this Mumbo Jumbo anyway ? Like what happened to all the #Sochi Rallies on Twitter?>>>? C’mon the Sochi Jokes were the BEST!!!! Now look at things this year!!! ¬†Completely different scenario with all the problems over there in UkraineContinue reading “Winter Starts Tomorrow! Quick Recap”