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Hey Guys,

I am just ordering a camera and going to start doing daily videos across my channels on a wide variety of topics, and sharing posts here of my vlogs.

While I still enjoy writing, I think it will be good to get some video time and grow my vlogging network.
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In the meantime, I went on a Spring Prospecting Run to Vancouver Island and took my Chevrolet Truck, and did lots of biking and gold panning. I was a little nervous about the truck because the logging roads on the coast are fairly rough, and as a result, I didn’t make it to any of the panning spots from my Gold Book. Next time, I think I will fly and rent a car and spend a week camping.

It cost me 520 in gas (there and back), and 150 in Ferry costs, so it is almost cheaper to fly there. Oh well, for now I am practicing being patient and going to focus on doing some videos for youtube and have some fun with my video camera once I get it. I think I will order it later today, or early next week.

Inspired By Science

HEy Fans!

I have been receiving a lot of questions about why I went back to school for a degree in the sciences, and I have decided that I was influenced by this TIME INC. magazine I bought back in 2013, which introduced me to some concepts on the cosmos, genetics, archaeology, the earth, mind, body, technology, and how a better understanding of these concepts may lead to a better quality of life.

SCIENCE FOR THE 21st Century
Science is a must-have nowadays.

While I cannot say my quality of life is any better or worse, it is excliting when I am learning all these new things and having a good time doing so.

I thank everyone for all the support and hope to have my goals for 2016 published soon.

Much Love!

Harbour and Amazon Rainforest Infogram Mix.
Harbour and Amazon Rainforest Infogram Mix.


I am so looking forward to the commercialization of space compared to the science of space. Can we finally make a Bitcoin worth a trillion and shop infinitely in space? It is only a matter of time before countries and companies start investing into space programs, if they aren’t already doing so. What is trending now is a new “space-race” that includes the romanticism of space travel and even colonialization on ships in space.


Having your own ship in space may not be as luxurious as it sounds, but the race is on, and people are going for the gusto! Scotland has made an entry into the race by positing itself as a good location for Aerodromes. These places are used to send people, goods, and other space traffic into transit, and also receive incoming traffic. It sure is nice to see the Scottish putting these plans into use, and the next generation of workers aren’t complaining either as the future prospects for employment in the “Space Industry” is on the rise, and may be a new economic trend in our present day and age.


See the FULL-ON @BBC